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The Gentleman of Scotland Yard Series

Book 1: An Affair with Mr. Kennedy
Book 2: A Dangerous Liaison With Detective Lewis
Book 3: A Private Duel With Agent G

The Gentleman of Scotland Yard, Book 2
ISBN# (13)9781451629057
28 August 2012
Pocket Books
432 Pages
Historical Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Detective Rafe Lewis of Scotland Yard has three dead industrialists and a sneaking suspicion that more will shortly follow. It seems that the Yard’s Special Branch Investigations has stumbled upon a plot to murder the greatest minds in Britain, in the hope of thwarting the machine age. As Rafe’s fellow investigators hurriedly pursue leads, he is assigned the task of guarding the daughter of one of the dead industrialists. The task would have been a straightforward one had not Francine Grayville-Nugent been his ex-fiancée, the one woman Rafe has never quite managed to forget.

Fanny Grayville-Nugent is horrified at the return of Rafe Lewis in her life and at her father’s funeral no less. Not only has the scoundrel left her without a word on the eve of their engagement ball, he has utterly disappeared for five years. Now he is back, claiming that he has been assigned to guard her from a threat she can hardly believe. When he manages to thwart a kidnapping, Fanny is convinced the danger is real, but she is more determined than ever to protect her heart from a second round with her sexy childhood hero.

A few days on the run leave Rafe and Fanny with the distinct impression that the plot to hinder industrial progress is massive. Despite their circumstances, Fanny is cunning, witty and resilient. Rafe admires how his childhood playmate has turned out, and the bittersweet sense of regret for what could have been opens his eyes to what still might be. If the two intrepid lovers can survive the journey to London, foil the plot and unravel past wrongs—they just might have a second chance at love.

With a fast paced action filled plot, this quirky story will suck readers right in and keep them hooked. Ms. Stone’s imaginative use of the industrialized culture of Britain in the late 1800’s provides a spectacular backdrop for her suspense filled tale of two lovers. Her understanding and command of gadgets is laudable, helping to paint a vivid picture for her readers. It will be a pleasure to see what adventures are in store for the rest of the gentlemen of Scotland Yard.

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