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ISBN #: 9781615721535
October 2010
Eternal Press
284 Pages
Contemporary, Single Title Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Linnia is a small town talented theater actress who is concerned that her family production company is in danger. She shuns movies for the most part and has no idea who Lucas Power is, but she is about to find out.

Luke is unhappy despite his success and is intrigued by Linnia who has no idea who he is but consents to go out with him anyway.

Unfortunately, their beginning was less than his best, and Linnia decides she no longer wishes to date him because of what she calls his inflated ego. Little does she know Luke is more than he seems. His life is in transition and he is playing it by ear. If they can both open up, they just might find their future.

I found Act Like We’re in Love to be a wonderful love story. Christi Barth has a strong writing style and writes an engaging story. However, I found the characters to be less than engaging. Usually I can find something about the characters interesting that allows me to see things from their point of view. Unfortunately, these characters failed to produce that emotion, and I often found myself thinking there could never be two more spoiled and arrogant people than the main characters. The secondary characters of Wes and Ingrid were more personable and realistic, and I found myself wondering more about their story.

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