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ISBN#: (13)9780758234612/ (10)0758234619
October 2009
Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00(US)/ $16.95(CAN)
288 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

It began in the mid 1980’s during English class. Ellie Barnett is trying to keep her mind off of her sexy classmate and pay attention to her teacher, when the voice starts. What began as a simple talk between Ellie and author, Jane Austen, will shape the schoolgirl into the woman she will become.

Sam Blaine knows he should leave Ellie alone, but there is something about the girl that just gets to him. Sitting behind her in English class, he cannot help but ask her what her fantasies are in hopes of them being about him.

As the years go by, both Sam and Ellie continue to live their lives even as they occasionally run into each other. For Ellie, it is both a blessing and a curse to see her sexy classmate because of the past they share and the one night that is burned in her mind forever. Sam has his reasons for leaving her the way he did, but he is not ready to divulge the answers she wants. All the while, Jane Austen keeps up constant advice as she talks Ellie out of falling for Sam, the one she states is Ellie’s Mr. Wickham.

According to Jane is an entertaining read, with humorous highlights as well as some heart-wrenching sad parts. Ms. Brant takes Ellie, a girl who has a huge crush on the bad boy, and sticks Jane Austen in her head to steer her clear of those dastardly boys out to corrupt good girls like Ellie. Throughout the novel, the time frame shifts from past to present, with a maze of storyline that keeps the reader informed as to what happens to Ellie as she listens, and sometimes does not listen, to the deceased author. Each time I read about Ellie and Sam, I kept hoping that this would be the one time when their poignant reunion would happen and they would live happily ever after. Not to mention I got to relive my childhood in the 1980’s with the mention of the decade when legwarmers were cool.

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