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Interview with Kate Douglas

ISBN# 0-7582-1388-3
March 2007
Aphrodisia Books
Kensington Publishing, 850 Third Ave. New York, N.Y. 10022
Trade Paperback
$12.95 US/ $17.95 Canada
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Shannon Murphy is tired and lonely. She misses her ex lover and best friend, Tia Mason. Shannon is still trying to understand a phone call she gets about Jacob Trent, but before she can take a breath, Shannon is being drugged and kidnapped. The next thing Shannon knows is she wakes up naked and unexpectedly saved by none other than Jacob Trent. What Shannon cannot understand is her instant arousal at the sight of handsome Jacob during a time she should be worrying about her life.

Jacob (Jake) is Chanku, part wolf who is currently facing possible banishment from his pack for trying to take his alpha’s mate. Pack Dynamics sent him on assignment to protect Shannon Murphy. Jacob gets to Shannon’s house just in time to save her from kidnapping. Jake was heading to his mountain retreat, but the whole time they are traveling Jake is intensely aware of the sexy woman with him.

As Jake and Shannon make it to Jake’s mountain home, both are intensely aware of the other, and they let their passions flow. That is when Jake is almost sure Shannon is Chanku because they connected on a mental plain. Jake wants Shannon as he has never wanted another woman ever, and he prayed if she is Chanku she would agree to be his mate. But Jake has only a few days to get Shannon to bond with him, otherwise he could lose her to another male. But Jake has not told Shannon the truth - will he lose Shannon before they even have a chance together?

ASTOUNDING! Wolf Tales 3 will blow you away! Ms. Douglas is legendary for her exceptional erotic romances, and Wolf Tales 3 is another remarkable story. Awesome characters, superb storytelling and such hot licentious sex scenes, it should come with a warning label, you will be become a captive of this story. For an incredible entertaining adventure, this book is a must read.

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