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ISBN: 9781605043470
December 2008
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
80 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Diana is the descendant of the man who had the cure for shifters all over the world. She needs someone she can trust to help her get the cure to the right people. Diana is confronted by a pack of wolves and although she fights tenaciously, it is a losing battle; fortunately, from nowhere she receives assistance.

Harm Asher knows what Diana is unaware of -- she is fighting a losing battle. He is unable to help himself and steps in to save the bravest woman he has ever met. Harm respects her steely resolve and is uncontrollably drawn to her.

Diana and Harm find that they both are working towards the same goal, but time is running out. Together they must get the cure for mankind into the right hands. Those who wish to remain shifters will stop at nothing to prevent the cure from being distributed.

Harm Asher is so very sexy and strong. Diana is the perfect complement to his strength with her steely resolve to save mankind. I love the fight between good and bad, especially when good is winning. Flesa Black is successful in relieving readers of daily woes and transporting them to a world where good always triumphs in the end.

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