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ISBN# 0758219814
June 2007
Aphrodesia/Kensington Publishing Corp.
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Erotic Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

A Taste of Honey

Honey Cafferty certainly knows how to cause an uproar when she comes to any town in her fancy painted wagon. The town of One Mule is no exception. It appears the slumbering town suddenly came alive once they got a look at Honey.

Sheriff Joe Tanner was elected to keep peace and order in the town but now that he has to confront Honey, it appears his job might not be as easy as he imagined. Especially when he gets a smell of her sweet-smelling peach ’n cream skin.

It appears that Honey’s Elixir of Love and Potions, allow the people to act a bit differently. Now the men look glassy-eyed and the women are humming like mosquitoes. The unmarried men just will not hear of it. Honey can only imagine what it would be like in Joe’s arms, while Joe wonders how her lips would taste. After engaging in a shouting match, they both get their wish.

Love potions, stripping men naked, and women completely getting incredible pleasure is all in a days work for Honey in One Mule. This story has a town full of characters that have their own camaraderie making this tale wonderfully witty. The connection and dialogue between Honey and Joe is awesome. Delilah Devlin creates some very interesting individuals in this tale where energy ignites and steams every page.

Queen of Hearts

Lissa Tayte is a gambler and headline singer. She plays a card game to win. She is surprised to find someone else on her family’s boat when she arrives.

Captain Roark Sheridan is a footloose gambler who knows all the trade secrets to winning and losing. Now the proud owner of the riverboat, he hopes to have his own legitimate business.

Lissa cannot believe that Roark is now the present owner, of the Queen of Hearts. She will stop at nothing to regain the ownership, even if it means playing a game of poker. With a strong determination to win, this is one game where losing does not enter the picture. Roark is up for a challenge. The only problem is as a footloose gambler, he never believed in commitment, to one woman, but Lissa may be his downfall in a battle of wills.

Lissa and Roark are striking characters that make the action come alive. Their direct contact and understanding of the others’ needs enlist heart-pounding excitement that is sinfully scrumptious. Layla Chase pens one enticing card game where the chips really stack up in this tantalizing read.

Touch of Magic

Widow Catarina Novak is not too keen about going into the Golden Garter Theatre and Saloon to perform her first magic act. After her main magician dies of pneumonia, she has to continue the show if she wishes to earn enough money to get to Chicago.

Cowboy Trace Adams is out to have a good time after some hard work. When he sees Catarina, he intends to expose her for the fake she really is and his heckles are something she does not enjoy.

As the Amazing Catarina, magician and mesmerist extraordinaire, she enjoys daring feats of magical wonder and delight. Cat really needs this job and she refuses to allow Trace to irritate her. When she casts a spell over him, Trace does not believe in any magic, but something about this wild woman called Cat sets his flesh on fire in more ways than one.

Magic never looked so sweet in this delicious read. Catarina knows how to bring out the charm in Trace once she imposes her sweetly blended recipe of romance. The refreshing two are truly irresistible and their passion insatiable. The interplay between the two sizzles like a fourth of July fireworks. Myla Jackson cleverly crafts a magic potion that delights.

Wild, Wild Women of the West are powerful women who know what they desire and go after it. There is love, romance, steaming passion, and wonderful conversation that keeps the reader's interest. These three stories show the talents of three great authors that know how to stir-up some delectable creativity. The women are portrayed as powerful, loving and often witty. The men play a vital role in the story as well and exhibit a burst of energy that allows the tales to be even more gratifying as they try to keep up with these sassy, vivacious ladies. Delilah Devlin, Layla Chase, and Myla Jackson make the Wild West lively and spirited in this collection of erotic tales that intrigue until the final end.

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