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Knights of the Board Room Series

Book 1: Behind the Mask Anthology (Board Resolution)
Book 2: Unlaced Anthology (Controlled Response)
Book 3: Laced with Desire Anthology (Honor Bound)
Book 4: Afterlife
Book 5: Hostile Takeover
Book 6: Willing Sacrifice

ISBN: 978-0-425-22381-9
December 2008
The Berkley Publishing Corporation
375 Hudson St, New York, New York 10014-3657
Trade Paperback
$ unavailable
448 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The Ties That Bind

As a critical care nurse and single mother, Lisa Mitchell takes very little time for herself. She is still a young woman, but the thought of moving on with a man other than Rick makes her feel sick inside.

Rick Mitchell did every thing a teenage father could do to keep his family together, but it was just too much. Divorcing Lisa was the worst thing he ever endured, but he never let the divorce come between him and his family.

Lisa and Rick…Rick and Lisa…it has been that way since they were kids, and not even divorce has changed that. They produced a beautiful and intelligent daughter together, and no matter what it took, they made her life the best it could be. Now that their daughter is ready for college, it is their turn, again, at least if Rick has anything to say about it. He has never found anyone he wants more than Lisa, and he is pretty sure she still feels the same.

This is an amazing story of two people who put the love of their daughter ahead of their own wants and needs. The fires of desire burn even hotter for Rick and Lisa now that they are adults, and it sweeps the reader along in a wave of heat. Jaci Burton delivers with this beautifully sensual romance.


Forty something and fabulous is not how Margo Faraday feels, middle-aged and regretful is more like it. The good girl image she has cultivated for her job, friends, and family is not who she wants to be anymore. It is time to break out of her mold, and step into life.

Dirk Araman takes his photography as seriously as he takes his “day” job. He knows that in order to achieve recognition for his work he needs to photograph a real woman, not some rail thin model, but a woman with life experiences.

Margo answered an ad for a model, feeling it would give her the confidence to restart her life. She feels more comfortable knowing that Dirk is a friend of a friend, but seeing him for the first time almost sends her running. Massive describes everything about him. Dirk has found his model in Margo, and she is everything he is looking for. Mature, beautiful, and absolutely sexy is a potent combination for a younger man, and one he is powerless to resist.

Falling for a younger man is not something Margo ever considered, and in her line of work it could hold serious consequences. It is a double standard to say the least, and one that is brought to light in this fabulous story by Jasmine Haynes.

Controlled Response

Lucas Adler is the CFO for K & A. He is just one the officers in a company of highly intelligent, successful, and utterly gorgeous men. They use their brains as well as their looks to excel in the cutthroat business world, and it pays off handsomely.

Cassandra Moira is all about control, in her life, and in her career. She is a negotiator, and it is up to her to ferret out problems and find solutions to make the deal. The chaos of her childhood will never affect her siblings if she has anything to say about it.

Cass just needs some time to herself, and the peaceful forest of the Berkshires seems like the perfect spot. Her life is always in high gear, either with the kids or with her job, and she rarely gets any personal time. Lucas is looking for much of the same when he comes upon Cass. Lust at first sight…definitely, but after a month of dreaming about her, he concludes it is so much more. Who can argue with Fate when they meet again? Lucas is absolutely certain he can fulfill Cassandra’s needs, but will she allow herself to give up control?

Control and domination can be powerfully erotic in the right hands, and Lucas wields it with a velvet touch. The power play between him and Cass is sexually intense and explosive. Ms. Hill burns up the pages, and I loved every word of it!

Rubies and Black Velvet

Steady Meggie, that is what she is. Margaret May Mackie is sturdy, strong, and resilient. A life of farm work and caring for an ailing father will either break you or make you stronger, and Meg is certainly stronger.

John Lammas is not much more than a boy when he falls in love with Meg. She is his equal in every way, and he cannot imagine life without her.

He lied, he went away and never came back. After six years the pain is still there when she goes to sleep at night. He was only supposed to be gone a month, but the months passed, and finally Meg went looking for him. When she learned of his death, she was crushed, but she pulled herself together and made a life for herself. John survived years of slavery with thoughts and dreams of his Meg. She gave him the courage to hang on to life when it would have been so much easier to just let go. Now he is back, bruised, battered, and scarred, but wanting Meg so much it hurts. Can she set aside her hurt and anger, or will evil envelope her soul, and reap its revenge on John?

This story will rock the reader with its wide range of emotion. The pain and anguish that John and Meg bear is equaled only by their love for each other. Ms. Rossetti commands your attention with this beautifully written love story.

Unlaced uses the corset as a binding element in each of these wonderful stories. It is instrumental in rebuilding a childhood love, the blossoming of a woman’s maturity, using control to find an emotional release, and finally overcoming evil to reclaim a soul mate. They are unique and special, each one a sensual and erotic taste of what one little garment can do for us as women. It is all in how we use it. Each woman in this anthology uses the corset as a tool to empower herself. They are strong, passionate, and deserving of the love of great men.

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