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ISBN#: 9781606012770
January 2009
Siren-Brand, Inc.
45 Pages
Erotic Romance/Shape-Shifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Codie Marks is lost in the desert during what was supposed to be her vacation in Egypt. A sandstorm blew through and separated her from her tour guide and party. She prays to the Egyptian Horus, whose eye of Horus Necklace she wears, for her safe return.

Horus has not felt passion for a woman in many years. Codie calls to him, and he is helpless to ignore her pleas. He knows if he helps her, it would draw the attention of his cruel uncle.

Horus, the man, walked in Codie’s dreams at night while Horus, the falcon, did what he could to keep her alive during the day. Codie and Horus will have to stand and fight to be together, relying only on each other. Codie will need to make a life-altering decision to have ever after with Horus or die in the desert.

This is a sweet story about a god and a mortal, and the evil they must overcome to be together. The author built and rounded out the characters to aid the reader in picturing the good versus evil. The falcon Horus assumes in the day is a unique slant on a guardian angel. I was confused as to how Codie came to the evil uncle's attention and what made him strand her in the desert. Though there is some confusion, the depiction of the dire situation faced by Codie in the sweltering heat of the desert successfully eases the reader into the moment and makes the reader feel Codie’s pain.

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