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ISBN#: Unavailable
October 2008
Lyrical Press, Inc.
E book
43 pages
Erotic/contemporary romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Julia Harris has a secret, one she has kept for more than 50 years. Her children, Edward and Fiona, know she has a secret and have speculated as to what the secret may be. Today is the anniversary of her first time with the love of her life and the night the secret was created.

Edward Harris although he loves his mother, he has become concerned about her mental and physical stability. He knows his mother has a secret and feels it may drive her to take her own life. He is at a loss as to what actions to take regarding his mother and is concerned about the content of her secret.

Julia knows some buried secrets need to be left unearthed. She has determined that today she must reveal her private memories to Edward to stop the continued speculations and possibly put his mind at ease. Julia must make Edward understand why the privacy was kept and why he must now keep the secret.

Ms. Exline has written an action packed tale full of love and secrets kept because of it. The beginning of the story is outstanding because the reader is unaware that it is the recalling of a memory of Julia’s. It is an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish and grabs the reader from the very first word. The author built a relationship between the readers and the characters that keeps the reader enthralled. The author skillfully told a story using powerful words that consume the reader immediately. Ms. Exline revealed the secret a little bit at a time keeping the audience interested until the very end. The Tree of Buried Secrets is an outstanding and enthralling read written by an obvious master of words.

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