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ISBN: 978-1-60767-012-4
December 2008
Tease Publishing LLC
94 Pages
Time Travel / Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Karl Braden never intended to become a common criminal. He has a great family, and worked hard to get a degree in archeology, but he never felt as if it were enough.

The work is hard, hot, and dirty, but the feeling of being able to look back in time when she discovers an ancient relic never gets old for Pamela Jones. She loves to immerse herself in the artifacts of the Aztec, and dearly wishes she could meet those noble and proud people.

Karl felt like a junky; just one more job and he will give up pot hunting for the good life. The dig in Mexico is exactly what he is looking for, and unbeknownst to him, exactly what he needs. Pamela and Karl are flung back in time to the cusp of the fall of the Aztecs. They must make a weighty decision: help the people they have spent years studying and admiring avoid annihilation, or keep quiet and let history repeat itself.

This story poses a fascinating question: if you were given a choice between saving an entire race of people or preserving history, how would you choose? Quite an interesting plotline, and with a little fleshing out, this could be an extraordinarily suspense-filled and intriguing story. Similarly the characters are quite entertaining, and would be all the more captivating with a deeper look into their personalities. I have always found ancient cultures to be exciting, and that made this story a pleasure to read.

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