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ISBN#: 9781906811839
January 2009
Total e-Bound Press
72 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Robert MacDonald inherits money from ill-gotten gains. He travels to London in an attempt to overcome his grandfather’s reputation. He meets a sweet young lady named Emily, but it is her brother that catches his eye.

Captain Charles Wentworth is a soldier on holidblooay visiting his aunt and sister. He does not come from money and thinks it will make a difference to Robert.

From the very first meeting, the fire between them draws them together. War will pull them apart in more ways than one. It is up to them to fight for the reunion of their lives.

This is a wonderful and erotic story of two men who love each other and must struggle against society and a war to remain together. The author does an outstanding job of exploring the effects that amnesia has on the victim, his family, and the one person he loves above all others. I loved how Charles struggled to express his love for Robert, and it is a little disagreement between them that brings all of Charles’ memories back. J.P. Bowie does what so few m/m authors have done and made the story more about emotional love than physical passion.

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