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ISBN#: 0505527286
June 2008
Dorchester Publishing Co., Inc.
200 Madison Ave., Suite 2000, New York, New York 10016
350 Pages
Time Travel
Rating: 3 cups

Tessa LaPrell, living the life of a lowly scullery maid in 1903 London, finds joy in visiting a local art gallery. She is inexplicably drawn to a painting entitled “The Bride of Time,” which observers note that the woman in the painting looks very similar to Tessa herself. She also feels an odd connection to the self portrait of the artist himself.

Giles Longworth has lived a life of solitude since the death of his wife. He is currently working on a painting commissioned by the prince regent called “The Bride of Time,” but is having difficulty finding an acceptable model.

When Tessa is wrongly accused of thievery against her employer, she flees London and not only ends up in a strange place, but also a strange time. Alone and frightened, she agrees to become the governess of Giles Longworth’s ward, Monty. While employed by Longworth, Tessa grows very fond of him and he persuades her to model for his painting. However, they each have their own secrets, which could destroy him. How will Tessa confide in her lover that she is from the future? How will Giles explain the mystery surrounding his violent nine year old ward?

The Bride of Time is a suspenseful, yet romantic page turner. The hero is appropriately handsome and mysterious and the heroine is classically in need of rescuing by him. The time travel theory in the novel is very intriguing and original. The paranormal element makes it that much more exciting. I felt that the ending was abrupt and that I am somehow missing out on the rest of the story, but otherwise this was a very enjoyable book.

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