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ISBN: 978-0425222003
May 2008
Berkley Publishing Group, published by the Penguin Group, Penguin Group(USA)Inc.
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014
304 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Liam O’Neill is trying to move on after losing his wife three years ago. Although his brothers encourage him to date, he just cannot seem to find someone he clicks with. That is until he keeps looking at one of the firefighters that has breakfast at the pub he helps his family with. She is something else, but he is unsure whether he wants to get involved with her because of the danger she deals with every single day.

Sophie Tyler has had one bad marriage. Right now being one of a small group of women firefighters, she has enough to deal with on her plate. Men do not think she can keep up with them and so she has a lot to prove. But her best friend Hannah thinks she should start dating again. Seeing the handsome O’Neill brothers, she wonders what it would be like to date one of them. Then all of a sudden, she is attracted to Liam but is not sure if he feels the same.

Relationships and work are not easy to balance as Liam and Sophie find out. They try diligently to make things work but both get so frustrated. Sophie does not want to give up her job but Liam wants to be a family with her and his two kids. It will be tough for both of them especially for Mike, Liam’s son. They are unhappy without each other but just cannot seem to make their relationship work. Liam’s brothers keep telling him that he just has to muddle through, that things will get better. Liam cannot see how and he does not think Sophie is really trying. Can they work things out or will a little helper come along to make them see what they are missing?

The passion between Sophie and Liam is hot! They truly care for each other but just cannot get one and one to add up to two. Ms. Shay shows how things are in the real world and I really liked that. The O’Neill family’s lives are turbulent but they sure do know how to make things work and to have fun. I wanted to be a part of this family if only for one day. The men are hot and the women keep them in line if need be. This is one of the best reads I have read in a long time!

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