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ISBN: 9780505527936
December 2008
Dorchester Publishing Co, Inc.
200 Madison Avenue, Suite 2000 New York, New York 10016
336 pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Lisa Maxwell wants to close the book on a painful chapter in her life but in order to do so she must locate the three Furies. Lisa discovered the first marble relief of the Greek goddess Alecto on a dig in Jamaica. Thanks to a thief in Milan, she is on a wild goose chase to recover Alecto and to locate the other two Furies.

The thief, Rafe Sullivan, is on a personal mission to collect all three marble reliefs and the clock is ticking. Rafe found it difficult to steal Alecto from the pretty Doctor, but vowed to recover all three reliefs no matter what it took.

Lisa and Rafe soon discover, two minds are better than one especially when the two minds are too hard headed to walk away. A bargain is struck and both parties are willing to appear to compromise at least until all three Furies are located and then the gloves are off. The Doctor and the thief must learn the ultimate lesson of love and money; love will conquer all.

Elisabeth Naughton can spin a tale to captivate the reader and take them for a ride. The locations in this book are some of the most exotic but are still just a backdrop to the main characters. The hero and heroine are both flawed but still loveable and therefore believable. The author really took the time to look into the Puerto Rican and Greek cultures to make the story authentic. Rafe has a sexy Spanish accent with which he says the sweetest things every woman would love to hear. Ms. Naughton skillfully kept the identity of the villain a secret to the very last chapter and I was shocked upon the revelation.

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