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ISBN# 9781607771425
April 2009
Ravenous Romance
205 Pages
Urban Fantasy/Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Paige Sykes and her crew of talented women comprise Stilleto's, Inc. Paige has the power to see the past of the people she touches. She has turned down the professional proposition of SIA Agent Darian Lorring, but she is unable to resist the personal.

SIA Agent Darian Lorring wants Paige and her crew to join his team, not only because of their amazing talents but also to keep the women safe from harm. Darian will use anything, including his talent of projecting, to get his way.

Paige and Darian are at an impasse; she will not agree to anything that takes her team off the front line, and he wants her anywhere but there. Now they are forced to once again work together to discover who has plans to kill the president before it is too late.

Stilleto’s, Inc. is an erotic superhero story. All the mind sex that goes on keeps the reader on the edge of their chair while they squirm from excitement. The superhero aspect of the story is fun to read, and it is interesting to see a cross between a comic book hero and an erotic romance hero. The combination of the two makes this story an excellent read.

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