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ISBN# 9781419910937
April 2007
Ellora’s Cave
153 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Alison is a scientist at the “Sterling Center” who has special paranormal abilities. She has been tasked to find Dr Henri Edouard who developed a serum to create “supersoldiers”, and to prove that it is unsafe has used it on himself. After finding him in the woods, she finds a connection with him that she can not overlook. But can Alison safely get him to the Sterling Center before those who want the serum grab them first.

Henri is a dedicated scientist who let pride get the better of him and creates a serum with devastating results. Using himself as a “test subject” Henri must find away control his violent reactions before the authorities kill him. When he meets up with Alison he realizes she is going to be his savior.

Together Alison and Henri must make their way to the mysterious Sterling center before Henri kills again, or the serum itself kills him. Only Alison can get him there, and now both are on the run and in the line of fire.

Hyde, the latest addition of the best selling Sterling series is full of action and hot sex. The way that Alison knows she should be afraid of her desires for Henri is very well written and fascinating. The conversations between the two are great for people living on adrenaline. The background characters do fill out the story, but their manipulations do not allow readers to hope for their best, but add more sympathy to Allison and Henri. As a fan of the Sterling series and Ms King’s work, I look forward to the next book in the series.

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