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Bed and Breakfast Mystery

Book 1: Just Desserts
Book 2: Fowl Play
Book 3: Holy Terrors
Book 4: Dune to Death
Book 5: Bantam of the Opera
Book 6: A Fit of Tempera
Book 7: Major Vices
Book 8: Murder My Suite
Book 9: Auntie Mayhem
Book 10: Nutty as a Fruitcake
Book 11: September Morn
Book 12: Wed and Buried
Book 13: Snow Place to Die
Book 14: Legs Benedict
Book 15: Creeps Suzette
Book 16: A Streetcar Named Expire
Book 17: Suture Self
Book 18: Silver Scream
Book 19: Hocus Croakus
Book 20: This Old Souse
Book 21: Dead Man Docking
Book 22: Saks and Violins
Book 23: Scots on the Rocks
Book 24: Vi Agra Falls
Book 25: Loco Motive
Book 26: All the Pretty Hearses
Book 27: The Wurst is Yet to Come
Book 28: Gone with the Win

ISBN#: (10)006146581X/ (13)9780061465819/ Paperback-(10)0060566543/ (13)9780060566548/Hardcover-(10)0060566531/ (13)9780060566531/ Large print-(10)0061260398/ (13)9780061260391
July 2008
Avon (An imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
$6.99 U.S./$7.99 Canada Paperback/$18.95 E-Book/$23.95 Hardcover and Large Print
384 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Judith McMonigle Flynn and her husband, Joe, decide to embark on a grand vacation to Scotland. What better way to enjoy the sights than to bring dear cousins along to double the fun.

Cousin Serena Jones, otherwise known as Renie, and husband, Bill, think a vacation to Scotland with Judith and Joe will be fun. Bill already has plans to go fishing, no matter what the girls have in store.

Judith wants a vacation with a beach, maybe some quaint shops nearby, some nice restaurants and perhaps even an ocean view. Renie even believes a spa will be nice. Everything seems perfect after they arrive in Scotland and the men head out on their fishing expedition. Unfortunately for Judith and Renie, they find themselves in an ancient castle with disturbing events. When a surprising explosion leaves behind a dead body, the sleuth in Judith immediately springs forth as she plunges into a murder investigation that leaves even Renie puzzled. Judith is not too certain about the Constable. She finds his behavior a bit, deferential. While the husbands are away fishing, the girls insist on helping uncover the mystery of a murder. As they make a list of who might wish the man killed, they learn their husbands are possibly missing. Judith knows the men would never leave without their baggage. The two ladies put their heads together as they embark on a mission to uncover the truth.

What I liked most about this story was the connection the family shared. They had fun taking a vacation together, and even fishing or shopping together was extreme bliss. That is hard to find within some families. When Judith and Renie were shopping, I could only laugh when Renie said she had to buy something. I like both ladies' attitude and spunk when it comes to solving a case. I loved the scenery and atmosphere that the Scotland backdrop offers. Mary Daheim composes a read that swept me off my feet into a tale that reminded me of days gone by. I love the dialogue she spins in this story, especially with Renie. For anyone seeking a feel good read with two ladies who know how to really blend a story to keep one entertained, Scots on the Rocks is the perfect choice.

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