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ISBN: Unavailable
April 8, 2009
The Wild Rose Press
63 Pages
Erotic fantasy romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Saje is one of the four rulers of the Woodland Fairies; his job is to spread his seed to as many females as possible. On a trip into the land of the humans, he encounters a woman who seems so listless and dejected it makes him want to comfort her.

Amanda Birchfield feels as if her life is going down the toilet. With no family close by to console her in her time of sorrow, she feels all alone after finding her ex-fiancé having sex with someone in his truck.

When Amanda finds some trinkets in her daffodils, she laughs it off as some child out playing. When her wish for a May Day basket comes true, she begins to wonder if she is going crazy. Then a full-grown naked, handsome maybe, but naked fairy pops into her house wanting to seduce her. With her body becoming erotically turned on, how long will it be before Amanda realizes that at some time Saje must go back to his home, leaving her with a broken heart?

I really enjoyed this story about Amanda and Saje; Ms. Panger did a great job showing us her imagination with vivid words and sensual scenes. Saje tells the tale of how a fairy used to being ruled by his sex not his emotions suddenly finds his heart awakened by a human woman with the need for more than just sex. The sex scenes were definitely spicy, hot, and had me on sensory overload. The emotions shown by Saje and Amanda were beautifully done, and I found this short story to be a very satisfactory read. The push and pull of confused feelings Saje has for Amanda, and how understanding she is, makes this love story a great tale and will leave all readers with a satisfied smile on their faces.

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