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ISBN: 978-1-60435-201-6
September 25, 2008
Red Rose Publishing
309 Pages
Contemporary Action / Adventure
Rating: 4 Cups

Niki Winter is a field agent for AWPS, the African Wildlife Preservation Society. She lives for the adventure and travel that her job affords her. The thought of staying in one place and working a desk job makes her cringe.

Logan Bentley is from the United States and is working with the gorillas in Rwanda when he meets Niki. They both share a love for animal preservation and the thrill of adventure. But after a decade long relationship, Logan is ready for more.

Niki is sick with worry when she hears of Logan’s disappearance. He left three months ago for a job in Zambia to try to stem the poaching of elephants. The fact that they parted on very uncertain terms twists in her heart like a knife. He wants to settle down and have children, and she is perfectly content to maintain the status quo. Now she may never get the chance to work things out with him. But giving up is not an option, not when she believes in her heart that he is still alive. She arrives in Zambia with not much more than grit and determination, and quickly finds herself in a fight for her life. If not for ranger Ryan Hyland, a man she could easily fall for, and journalist Talon Powell, Niki would have no chance of ever finding Logan alive. As it is, there is more to the story than just some local poachers killing elephants.

This story is an exhilarating thrill ride across the dry desolate landscape of wild Africa. You can practically feel the dust in your face as Niki and her companions race to find Logan, before it is too late. Each character in this story is inherently flawed, making them come to life for the reader. They all have their crosses to bear, and their journey to find peace in their lives is a driving force in the story. Ms. Perazzini is an extremely talented writer, giving life to the thrill seeker in all of us. I am so excited to have read this, and eagerly encourage you to purchase this fantastic book.

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