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  The Dark Forgotten Series

Book 1 - Ravenous

Book 2 - Scorched

Book 3 - Unchained

ISBN: 9780451226174
February 2009
Signet Eclipse, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
Mass Market Paperback
$6.99 U.S./$7.50 CAN
352 Pages
Paranormal Romance; 18-And Up
Rating: 5 Cups

Holly Carver may come from a long line of witches; however, her powers are less than stellar. Whenever she tries to pull her Big-M magic, it sends shockwaves of pain throughout her body and leaves her temporarily vulnerable to other beings, both human and paranormal enemies that wish to harm her.

As a six-century-old vampire, Alessandro Caravelli knows that though he seems decent enough, underneath his calm and handsome appearance lurks a monster. With that in mind, he tries to keep his passionate and lustful feelings for Holly away, afraid that to unleash his erotic mood toward his sexy coworker would set free the beast within.

When a haunted house job she is working on creates more of a problem, Holly turns to Alessandro for help. Though he is a vampire, she knows that when push comes to shove, she can trust the sexy bloodsucker to cover her back in a tight situation. A demon with unbelievable powers is unleashed during her exorcising the home, roaming the streets and possessing people far and wide, including those Holly thinks she can trust. After her own entanglement with the demon, Holly turns to Alessandro for help, hoping that his bite will not be lethal enough to turn her into a mindless love slave for all eternity.

Ravenous: The Dark Forgotten is an intense read with nonstop action, suspense, thrilling paranormal beings, and it oozes of sensuality. Ms. Ashwood introduces us to her debut novel in a kick butt way, bringing this sensational novel to our attention with one wild moment after another. We watch Holly grow from being the small-time witch to something more, as well as get to see the inner workings of how Alessandro struggles to maintain his calm when his vampiric senses want nothing more than to possess the sexy witch. Move over Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Anita Blake; there is a new woman in town, and she will knock your socks off!

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