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The Lords of Satyr Series

Book 1: Nicholas
Book 2: Raine
Book 3: Lyon
Book 4: Dominic
Book 5: Dane
Book 6: Bastian
Book 7: Sevin

Interview with Elizabeth Amber

ISBN# 0-758-2204-0-5
March 2008
Kensington Aphrodisa
850 Third Avenue New York, N.Y.10022
Paper back
323 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jordan Cietta is a hermaphrodite. Every birthday since she was thirteen, her mother let Salerno have Jordan to be poked and prodded at by viewers such as doctors, priests ect. Jordan lived her life as man, with her hair cropped short, but inside she knew she was pure woman. Jordan has been having dreams since she was thirteen and did not understand any of them. Then one night, Jordan ran straight into the arms of Raine the Lord of Satyr.

Raine has come to Tuscany to find his mate, she would be part fae and Raine knew he needed to find her soon. Raine had walked in on Jordan when she was being exposed, and had immediately been attracted to her. He thought it was the call of the moon that was causing the attraction. Then he found her one night as she had been running and had ran straight into his arms. Raine wanted Jordan more than anything and once he smelled fae on her, he is sure she is his mate.

Raine took Jordan to his bed while Jordan tried to kept herself hidden from him. After Jordan learns that her mother has been murdered, she knows that she is safest with Raine. Unfortunately evil has followed Raine home. Can Jordan find true happiness with Raine or will evil take it all away?

Superb. Ms. Amber does a tremendous job of creating mythical creatures that you come to care about. Jordan will touch your heart, with all the emotion and pain she has been through before she has even met Raine. This is the second in the Lords of Satyr, but it stands alone easily. You will find this is a thrilling adventure with lots of mythical creatures and magic along with pure evil. Very erotic sex scenes that will singe your eyebrows, while you love every minute of it. This reader is looking forward to reading the next Lords of the Satyr story.

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