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Brotherhood of Blood

Book 1: One & Only
Book 2: Rare Vintage
Book 3: Phantom Desires
Book 4: Sweeter Than Wine
Book 5: Forever Valentine
Book 6: Caught by Cupid
Book 7: Wolf Hills
Book 8: Wolf Quest

ISBN#: 9781605044859
April 2009
Samhain Publishing
74 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Red Hots
Rating: 5 Cups

Carmalita Valandro, a.k.a. Carly, needs a change in her life, but she received a change she could never conceive. She moved away from home into an old fixer upper farm house. It came with beautiful floors, needing minor repairs, and as an added bonus a resident vampire!

For centuries Dimitri Belakov has had an agreement with the previous family who had passed the house and its undead resident down through the generations. With Carly’s arrival he must determine if he can allow her to live and become his new tenant.

Carly has never felt stronger about a man living or dead. Dimitri thinks she may be the “One,” the perfect being for him to spend all eternity with. But can he convince her that an eternity is worth the sacrifice?

Bianca D’ Arc is stupendously talented at introducing characters and giving just enough titillating information to draw the reader back to read the next book in the series. “Phantom Desires” is an interesting story for the unusual tenant/owner relationship that exists between the dead and the undead. I was intrigued by the author’s description of Dimitri’s home underground and thought it was truly amazing how the author added the mirror touch between the house above and the house below. This book should not be missed and due to the author’s talented writing, the reader will be drawn into this world and driven to go back and read the books that came before and wait on pins and needles for the stories to follow.

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