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ISBN# 978-1-897560-02-0
June 2008
Blade Publishing
Price $2.99
29 Pages
Romantic Time Travel/Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

Andrew Bergen teaches a Renaissance class. He is intrigued with an embroidered tapestry with a sketching of a Renaissance forest.

Lady Estella, daughter of Lord Edmond, Duke of Glasbury is an artist. She resides at her father’s estate, learning the basics of weaving, tapestries being a delight.

Andrew enjoys teaching classes, as well as the lovely tapestry he carries with him. When he learns his girlfriend is leaving him for a student, he is shocked. He drifts off to sleep thinking about the tapestry. Lady Estella does not care for the restraints that bind her of being a woman but her father wishes her to marry. She decides to take a walk out into the forests only to stumble upon a man sleeping. Andrew stirs and wakes, believing it to be a dream. When Estella takes him to her castle, he learns it is no dream. He quickly becomes acquainted with Estella. When he attends a feast with her, some would wish to separate them. Will her father allow her to live the life she chooses or lock her away from Andrew forever? And will Andrew be able to return to his time, perhaps taking Estella?

Passion’s Tapestry is a splendid read. The different characters, mingled in with those from the past, make this an exceptional tale indeed. I love the cute wit sprinkled along the way when Estella and Andrew are together. I like the way Andrew stands his ground when others would interrupt his courtship with Estella, who is a most enchanting lass. I love the name she gives the horses. Megan Hussey pens a captivating tale that satisfies completely. I really enjoyed this story immensely and wonder if a sequel might be in the future?

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