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Ancient Enemies Series

Book 2 - Relics
Book 3 - Kicking Bots

ISBN: 1-9328866-21-3
August 2004
Triskelion Publishing
Price: $5.99
190 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Celene Dupre is one of seven women whose DNA has been changed to become a weapon against mankind. While following Emile Blanchard, the man responsible for the death of her father; she encounters Kin Raidon, a man who has been sent to kill her if she helps the Anaz-voohri with their invasion plans for Earth. They have now joined together to stop the Anaz-voohri from succeeding in their quest to rid earth of mankind. They will also try to hamper General Carrick, the leader of ORION, from deciphering the relics, which he has killed for. However, will they have enough time to get the job done?

Kin Raidon is an operative for Mythos an organization that is making sure ORION does not end up controlling everything in its path. He is sent to keep an eye on Celene and follow her to see what powers she has and if necessary, to kill her.

Celene Dupre is an archeologist just like her adoptive father and has been asked by him to assist in decrypting some strange writings that have been uncovered in a crashed ship. She has made a career of transcribing these texts and hopes to translate them before anything happens.

I was drawn into this book by how Celene was looking for answers to the questions about her life; and Kin, who is trying not to fall in love with her, knowing that he will be the one to kill her if need be. I loved how this book kept me waiting for more and was able to deliver a great story of suspense and intrigue. This is a great book for those who love stories of aliens, suspense, and a hint of romance.

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