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ISBN# 978-1-55487-086-8
July 1, 2008
eXtasy Books
257 Pages
Vampire, Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Carol Langley is a romance author. During her cabin stays, she likes to avoid her neighbors and spend time to herself but sometimes that is not always possible.

Tom O’Brien is the perfect guy for any woman to set her hooks in. When he becomes Carol’s neighbor for the summer, he plans to seduce the woman and claim her heart.

Carol loves to write romance even though her books are far more provocative than her real sex life. When good neighbor Tom decides to vacation and become her neighbor for the summer, things begin to heat not only in the pages of her book, but outside as well. Tom has a way of making her want him to capture every inch of her body. He wants to know what novel she plans to write for the summer. She insists it is a vampire paranormal. He wonders what she knows about being in bed with a vampire. Tom is certain she is the one woman to claim his heart and he chooses to be with her always. Carol is curious to whom this Tom person really is, but will she be able to open up to his real identity?

One Vampire Summer is a stirring read of events that get hotter every time the sun comes out. The description of the lake and surroundings was enough to make me want to go along for the trip. I found Carol to be a believable character especially in her actions with her mother and the distance they share. I thought Tom was smooth and easy going in his actions. Tom and Carol sizzle hotter than any Fourth of July fireworks. Destiny Blaine spins an erotic romance that almost sprinkles sweat beads on the pages. She certainly knows how to hold the readers attention.

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