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The Lords of Satyr Series

Book 1: Nicholas
Book 2: Raine
Book 3: Lyon
Book 4: Dominic
Book 5: Dane
Book 6: Bastian
Book 7: Sevin

Interview with Elizabeth Amber

(Book 1 in The Lords of Satyr series)
July 2007
Aphrodisia/Kensington Publishing
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Erotic Historical Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lord Nicholas Satyr, just like his brothers, Raine and Lyon, have grown-up half-Human, half-Satyr, in an EarthWorld intolerant of their kind. When a dying king sends them an announcement to locate his daughters and wed them, none wish to be saddled with a wife.

Jane Cova has the ability to see one’s fortune, but wonders if she can expand the Satyr clan and turn Nick’s heart to feel sexual gratification for her alone.

Nicholas is a Lord of the Satyr, and he owns a huge estate in Tuscany. He has the ability to physical transform into a freakish creature, with an insatiable, extremely potent, sexual appetite. He is surprised when he receives an announcement that he and his brothers have been chosen to wed three women they have never met. As the eldest of the brothers, Nicholas does not wish to wed any half-faerie creature. After one marriage, Raine does not wish another. Lyon has no reason to be tied to anyone not of his choosing. After careful consideration, Nick feels it is their opportunity to produce heirs. He decides to go in search of one of King Feydon’s daughters and make her his wife. He never imagined discovering an Italian beauty that not only will give him children but bestow him with a love he never imagined possible. Jane, the Mystic, as she likes to be called. Of course, she is not completely truthful with Nick when she reads his palm. She holds back two secrets, that she is the FaerieBlend meant to be his wife, and how much she wishes she were free of her precognitive abilities. As a half-Faerie, she will be true to Nick. In the meantime, she keeps her abilities to herself as she watches him carefully from the wings. Jane encounters Nick’s insatiable sexual appetite and learns that she must satisfy it if she wishes to be the only woman in his life.

In a story of fauns, nymphs, faeries and maenads, the reader is carried into an electric hot read. I found myself fascinated in an enchanting land of many strange divinations. Each of the brothers has their own characteristic that stands out in the tale. With Nick in the first book, of Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr, the reader is able to sense his strength and loyalty. He is such an in-depth individual that I could not help but feel his power, his emotions and the love that transforms him for Jane. Elizabeth Amber has created a steamy, hot tale that scorches the pages. Her imagination skyrockets in this energizing story. I am anxious to read Raine’s and Lyon’s tales.

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