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ISBN#: 978-1-60601-270-3
February 2009
Siren Publishing
325 Pages
Contemporary, Mainstream romance, Women’s Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Seth Remington is one of the most eligible bachelors; rich, handsome, and a playboy through and through. His father, Sterling Remington owns a very lucrative computer business and Seth knows that his life is set in gold. However, Sterling is tired of his son’s wild ways and threatens to take drastic measures if he does not begin to act like the twenty-nine-year-old grown-up he is.

Kathleen Murphy, known as Katie to friends and business associates, is the most stable and reliable person most people have met. Considered one of the best horse trainers in the equestrian racing world, the horses she takes care of come out smelling like roses in the racing world.

When Sterling dies, he leaves Seth with an ultimatum; he must prove that he can become a working class citizen like most people in this world. If he cannot leave the lap of luxury behind for nine months, all of his father’s possessions will be given to other people. Leaving behind the mansion, the cars, the women, and the money, Seth goes to Katie for direction, which is training as a horse groomer. Neither expects to fall in love, especially since love means giving up the money and the goods forever, but the attraction is overwhelming and Katie and Seth fall under the spell, only to have their lives ripped wide open by a jealous and vindictive woman.

Murphy’s Law started out pretty slowly and did not get interesting until about midway through. However, once Ms. James grabbed my interest, the intense drama that played out between Seth and Katie was beautiful to watch. I especially liked how Katie guides Seth throughout the story, showing him that a true person cannot get away with using his looks or his money to live his life. Watching the blooming romance grow between them was great, and seeing how Katie came to trust Seth helped make the story all the better. Overall, this reverse Cinderella story is a nice way to make a modern-day fairy tale; it shows that sometimes that little extra push is all Prince Charming needs to find his true love.

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