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ISBN: 978-1-905091-11-9
June 10, 2008
Logical-Lust Productions
Trade Paperback/E-book
$11.99 / $5.99
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Dr. Evadne Cavell is a professor at a prestigious college teaching the course, Women In Fiction. Compared to an Ice Queen, she has learned to protect herself against hurtful tips about her weight. Skeptical about her love life, Evadne has a secret life of foreplay with anonymous strangers. After a horrible scandal rocks her college, Dr. Cavell knows she must stop her fantasy play. However, it is not until she is caught that reality sets in as to what she is doing.

Jared Delaney is a forty-one year old artist with amazing violet eyes and a stereotypical artist's temperament. Having a reputation as a love'em and leave'em type, he makes a wide path through all the women he meets. Spying on Evadne over a period of time, Jared knows he wants this sensual woman in his life.

Jared and Evadne's worlds collide as these two characters explore each other in unbelievably carnal ways. From the dark corner of the movie theater, to a crowded airplane, to a quiet hotel room, these two travel on a fantastic journey through lust. But just as their lust starts building into something more, a secret is revealed, tearing the lovebirds apart.

The story was full of lust, love, fantasy, fiction, and many more feelings and emotions. I could not put the book down, anxious for the ending and dreading it at the same time. A well-written and unbelievably sensual delight, I would recommend Messalina, Devourer of Men to any reader who likes passionate tales. This erotica novel is what other books should strive to be. Ms. Brown certainly knows her way around a fantastic story of love, lust, and boy meets girl. Awesome read!

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