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ISBN# (10) 0425214648/(13) 9780425214640
August 2007
The Berkley Publishing Group
375 Hudson Street New York, NY 10014
$ 14.00
312 pages
Erotic Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 cups

Lucinda is a demon dead, there is a sadness about her. She feels as though she does not belong anywhere. Although she is very strong and some say evil, there is a underlined presence of good, wanting to be accepted for who she is she hides it.

Stefan is monere rogue escaped from his queen before she could order his death, as she does to all males who overpower her. Nico is also rogue and has bonded with Lucinda making it his responsibility to care for Stefan and others.

The Monere are children of the moon. Ruled by Queens they have settled on earth. Lucinda was once Monere but now demon dead, not alive or dead, by human definition. Lucinda meets Stefan and Nico and circumstances bring them all together in different ways.

What a fabulous story! I love that although it is not a part of the Children of The Moon Series, they are still an intricate part of the book. The situations the characters are in are not typical of romance stories it kept me fascinated. This book definitely has Sunny’s fingerprint only she has. The characters are refreshingly unique each with their own “Demons” I could not put his book down until I reached the end. I cannot wait for more Demon Princess Chronicles from Sunny! I highly recommend this book to all readers, especially fans of fantasy.

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