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ISBN# 9781602021426
January 2009
Linden Bay Romance, LLC
202 Pages
Contemporary Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

Above all else, the security of the Dragon, home of the clans, is Lucas Gunn’s main concern as Guardian. He must protect the secrecy of the clans at all costs; not even family is above reproach.

Akira MacDonald feels like a ticking time bomb. Her mating call will push her into insanity unless she can find the man who has been haunting her dreams, and fulfill all of her fantasies.

She is a Marine, trained in combat and perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but for one little glitch. She is driven by a primal need to find Lucas, knowing at the same time that he can practically enslave her to his will if he chooses. Lucas has never defied the clan laws it is his duty to enforce, until now. Kira is the first woman to ever touch his heart, but with the mounting dangers to the Dragon, can he afford to let her into his life?

This is a curl-your-toes and makes-you-sweat type of fantasy novel. It is highly erotic, amazingly sensual, and just a little bit naughty. The plot takes a few twists and turns that I found somewhat confusing, but in a series such as this, I would expect more answers to be revealed in the upcoming books. Ms. Gayle will have you clamoring for more, and I eagerly look forward to reading about Kane.

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