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ISBN#: 160601062X
September 2008
Book Strand
E book
305 pages
Time Travel/Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Anna has always scoffed at her friend’s belief that aliens are living among us. Anna and her brother Andrew are about to find out, that not only do aliens live among them, but they are the aliens her friend talks of. They both learn they are expected to move to a new planet and marry individuals who have already been selected for the siblings to marry.

Traun, the son of the High Commander of Garr, has known his whole life his destination in life was to marry Anna. In preparation for meeting his life mate, Anna, he ends a two-year relationship with his lover, Avreen.

Little do Traun and Anna know but Avreen has a plan of her own, and will do whatever it takes to keep Traun for herself. A cast of characters who are a big part of their story surround Anna and Traun. It is through the other explorers of a strange new world that Traun and Anna learn to live and love. There are tales of love, life, death, and discovery all culminating in a bonding and love that will take these members into the future and permeate through the generations.

Ms. Jaques has written a good story but the premise left me wanting and never quite meeting my expectations. I found that although the plot was good, the story seemed to drag in places. The descriptions of the new world and the inhabitants of it were vivid and imaginative. The idea of Anna and Traun being the main characters but not the sole focus of the tale made it interesting. The author has created a world I would like to read more about.

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