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ISBN# 9781592791149 E-Book/9781592796861 Print
March 2007
Amber Quill Press, LLC
PO BOX 265, Indian Hills, Colorado 80454
E-Book/Trade Paperback
434 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Octavia Livingstone is crossing one of the Great Lakes with her father when they are attacked and he is killed. On her own, she is kidnapped by Indians then rescued by Wind Cloud, an Indian she met at a trading post. Upon first seeing each other they are intrigued, then smitten with love and the first kiss seals it.

When Wind Cloud first sees Octavia and he knows she will be his. He follows when she is kidnapped, rescues her and brings her to his people the Seneca. They marry and as his wife she is now called Fire Hair. He has one daughter named Silver Grass but upon the pregnancy of his next child his wife Fire Hair dies, and he brings up Silver Grass alone.

This is a story about a multi-generational family. The women starting with Octavia are on a journey and bearing a family heirloom, a locket with 5 gemstones passed down to the daughter of each generation. This is about each daughter as she wears the locket and finds her own man. Silver Grass finds Olav Johanson and has two daughters Elma (Elm Leaf) and Marta. Unfortunately, she also dies in childbirth like her mother. Elma finds her own love, Captain Hunt Drury and they have a son Neal. While her sister Marta falls in love with Larch Pendleton and has a daughter Henrietta who in turn falls in love with Garth Laidlaw. The five women in this story have all lived by one of the Great Lakes; Ontario, Huron, Superior, Michigan and Eerie. They are truly Ladies of the Lakes.

I was not sure what to expect when I opened this book but it was not this stirring and very emotional, and well represented tale of strong women and even stronger men. To say love at first sight is one thing but knowing you are only for one person at first kiss is the other. That is part of the theme of this book, each woman falls in love almost with the first real man they meet and kiss. As in real life there is new life and death in this story. Tragedy begets history and legends, especially since these are women who grew up around the lakes and in times of Indians and other perils. The Indian heritage I believe is honored here also, that is another resounding feature, helping or being helped by Indians in most of these generations. Strong women who believe in themselves is a fine trait to hand down to any daughter and this is wonderfully done and written. I would suggest anyone wanting to know about the Great Lakes and the history of them and the women who lived around them will love this special tale.

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