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Department 57

Book 1: Cats Eyes
Book 2: Topaz Delirium
Book 3: Chemistry of Evil
Book 4: Treasure Laid Bare
Book 5: Jewel of the Dragon
Book 6: Liquid Crystal
Book 7: Crystal Captive
Book 8: Crystal Tides
Book 9: Bloody Crystal
Book 10: Griffin's Treaure

DEPT. 57, BOOK 8
ISBN#: 9781607378006
May 2010
Loose ID, LLC
172 Pages
Shape-shifter, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Alixandra Lancaster is partners with her brother in a jewelry company. Her next client is the sexiest man she has ever seen, but Deverell is more than he first seems.

Deverell Wyvern is drawn to Lancaster Jewels by the possibility of recovering an object that could lead to the ending of his race and possibly all races around the globe. Who knew that he would meet his fate in the form of Alix.

Deverll Wyvern is looking for a very special pendant, which in the wrong hands, would lead to certain death and destruction. Deverell had his destiny mapped out until Alix came into his life and now he is unsure he can keep from revealing his secrets. Secrets are the root of all evil, okay maybe not that bad, but temptation is knocking on the door and Deverell is determined to stay strong and prove he is worthy of Alixandra’s love and honesty.

Jewel of the Dragon is a well-written story. Lynne Connolly takes master steps to ensnare the reader and give them the urge to see the story through until the end. There is enough suspense, mystery and romance in the story to keep the most seasoned reader entertained. Dept. 57: Jewel of the Dragon is a fantasy story that will draw in the reader, and before they know they will be looking for the other books in the series to get just one more taste of hunky hot dragons.

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