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ISBN: 9781605043647
January 2009
Samhain Publishing, Ltd
328 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Hilde is used to being an outcast, because all men use the sign of Kyr’s Ward on her to protect themselves from her supposed evil. While she is working one night, an old woman comes to her and forecasts that she will be going on a long journey. Shaking her head at such nonsense, Hilde continues on with her work, not realizing that what the seer stated would come true.

Ilfayne is a powerful wizard, one who is purported to be a legend, a being that has passed on. With his most trusted warrior, Regin, at his side, the wizard starts on a journey to destroy an evil opponent for good.

While out in the forest after running from her town, Hilde is attacked by vicious and horrendous Shadowmen who want her blood. The legendary Ilfayne steps in and saves her, leaving Hilde to follow the wizard and the warrior’s quest. As the kingdoms are ripped apart at the seam, another force will join their ranks as these fellow travelers hunt down an ancient and evil wizard who goes by the name of Leidi. Reaching a town full of Kyrbodans, Hilde finds out that she is only half human, is not accepted anywhere, has one true mate, that fate will decide who he is, and that in the end sometimes the good does not conquer evil.

Ilfayne’s Bane is a fantasy that takes a reader on an imaginative journey through different lands and pits you against unusual beings. Ms. Knight has written a story that is comparable to the movie Willow, with its spectacular scenery and the imagination she has included in the wording. The only problem I had with this novel is that even though it is so long, it did not get interesting to me until I was halfway through the tale. Other than that, this story will have any reader fighting horrendous beasts and prejudiced people and visiting exotic lands. This is a story that will bring the land and its people to life, a very good read with some unique twists and turns.

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