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ISBN: 978-0-345-50878-2
January 27, 2009
One World Books
Trade Paperback
245 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

She should have been loved and cared for like a princess, but with a mother addicted to drugs, liquor, and men, Eva Patterson’s life is far from pleasant. She is no more than a child when her mother’s latest boyfriend decides she is old enough to use.

The streets of New York are never easy, but Ramel “Mello” Williams has made a name for himself. An accomplished photographer and part-time rapper, he sees his share of beautiful women, but nobody touches his soul like Eva.

Riker’s is no joy ride, and in order to survive you sometimes have to make promises, but Eva’s cousin Fiyah makes a bargain with the devil himself, King Brody. Eva becomes the spoils in a war that is sure to land her right back in the hell she dragged herself from four years ago. She finally has a man who treats her like a queen, and a life that will eventually give her the freedom to reclaim her son. However none of that will mean a damn if Brody gets his hands on her, and Mello will fight to the death to keep her out of his clutches.

Be forewarned: this is not a story for the faint of heart; it is the bowels of hell come to life on the streets of New York City. Rape, drugs, and prostitution are rampant throughout, and the language is reflective of that lifestyle. The dialogue is abrasive and vile, making the story itself undeniably crude and appallingly real. It is an amazing tribute to women like Eva, who are born into such vicious and cruel environments, and strive to overcome that life.

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