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ISBN#: Paperback-9780061470813/E-book-9780061803703
March 31, 2009
Avon Books, an Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
384 Pages
Historical Romance/18-And Up
Rating: 5 Cups

Jane Fenton may have the grace and poise of a lady of the ton; however, circumstances have knocked her down and turned her into a lady’s companion. Women who were considered her friends during her coming-out season have now turned their noses away from her, treating her like the servant she has become.

Nicholas Stoneworth has become the newly titled Viscount after his brother’s death when a tragic accident took his life. Though he must step into the role of a titled gentleman, he refuses to become some stuffed shirt and continues to keep the snobs of the ton on their toes with his underground activities.

A twist of fate has taken Jane’s childhood home from her and the security that came with it. Even though her brother has been proclaimed to be dead, she feels there is evidence of him going underground into the opium dens. With that in mind, Jane approaches Nicholas for help, knowing that even to be seen talking to the wildly seductive Viscount can mean ruination of her pure reputation. A trade is met with Viscount Stoneworth going underground and Jane teaching him how to become the gentleman his brother was. Neither expected it to be easy and they certainly did not expect to find themselves uncontrollably attracted to each other, to the point where Jane’s innocence will be questioned and Nicholas’s safety in the underground will be tested in the deadliest way.

Ms. Petersen has written a sensational novel where she pits Jane’s pure innocence against Nicholas’ jaded past in Her Notorious Viscount. Where everyone else in Jane’s life sees her as some weak-kneed woman, he sees her as the strong, stubborn, and determined woman she really is. The Stoneworth family’s view of Nicholas is no better, seeing him as a worthless drunkard, fighter, and libertine while Jane sees him for the man he truly is. My favorite element of this tale is how the characters not only learn so much about each other, they learn how their fight for survival has made them a better person, someone they can be proud of and who can be loved for who they are, jaded past or not. This historical romance is a beautiful composition with a sweet tone, exquisite wording, passionate love scenes, and steamy tension.

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