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ISBN# 9781600543012
October 2008
Love You Divine
E Book
71 pages
Dark Fantasy Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Orlaith is a dryad bound by nature to be close to the tree that gives her life. She has spent 71 years in servitude to the satyr, and she has never seen a Son of Adam – until the day Orlaith comes face to face with one and is fascinated by the unknown.

Gormghiolla Conn is a druid member of a nomadic hunter tribe. The tribe is seeking to settle down somewhere and learn a new way of life. In their travels, they have wandered to the forest where Orlaith’s tree resides.

Orlaith and Gormghiolla have never known love, and their lots in life are not promising for a future of love. They only wish to trade their lives of servitude for the freedom to love whomever they choose. Life and nature have other plans for them.

This book is the result of the author’s amazing imagination. Bret Jordan has created a story set in the beginning of time which depicts the clash of nature and man. The story is wonderful in its depiction of a different avenue down which love can travel. The author created the character Orlaith to be a true part of nature with green eyes, green lips, and flowers actually growing from her hair. The end of the story is shocking and rare for a love story, but more impacting for its rarity. This tale is touching in its simplicity and moving in its depiction of the relationship between man and nature.

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