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ISBN#: 9781596328686
February 2009
Loose I.D.
43 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ellen Meyer hates Valentine’s Day on account of it being her birthday and the day her father walked out when she was a child. She has vowed that no man would have power over her again. This is until the night she witnesses an erotic spanking and experienced an unexpected tryst.

Thomas Keller is a car sales man by day but something quite different in his private life. He is a dom who has lost his sub and feels unready to begin again. That is until Ellen Meyer makes him question his point of view.

Ellen and Thomas were not expecting the attraction they found for each other. There is so much Thomas wants to show Ellen, but he knows he is unprepared for a relationship. Ellen had never had an orgasm until Thomas, but she is not sure she is ready for his lifestyle.

Lyra Marlowe writes an exciting tale full of passion and lust. Ellen is a character so many can identify with and feel compassion for. I thought it was interesting that the author used Ellen’s high school nemesis as an instrument of instruction. The story ended rather abruptly and left me wondering what happened, but otherwise was worth the read.

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