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ISBN# 9780982325162
February 2009
Mystic Moon Press
197 Pages
Dark Fantasy/Shape-shifter/Romance/Vampire
Rating: 5 Cups

Darmetheus is the chosen but at the cost of his sister’s life and his brother, Fallon’s, love. He is honored to serve as protector of the fragile humans, but he has been alone for centuries. An unscheduled road trip leads him to the woman selected to be his.

Lilith has been fighting for her survival for what seems like forever. Slowly, the women of Boulder who have the slightest psychic ability are disappearing. Through her druid lineage she has been able to ward off the demons and protect her home. Her fear prevents her from realizing that Darmetheus is the answer to her prayers.

The evil that Darmetheus and Lilith face is a little more personal than either realizes. The brother from Dar’s past sold his soul for revenge, and now he has found the way. The only way to survive is for Darmetheus and Lilith to work together and use both of their powers to survive.

Eternal Moon is a devastating story that explores just how much special powers can lead to loss and pain. Everyone assumes blessed people are problem-free, but Shiloh Darke demonstrates how with every blessing, there are sacrifices to be made. Darmetheus is a wonderful hero because he is willing to pay the price for his power with unending strength of character. I loved how the sister’s ghost interferes as much as possible to help the hero and heroine prevail and to save the evil brother from a fate worse than death.

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