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ISBN# 1-60441-798-6
February 18, 2008
Publish America, LLLP
111 E. Church Street, Frederick, MD 21701
327 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Eryn Sterling finally found the love she was looking for. Taken from her time in the 1880’s by her grandfather after the death of her parents, Eryn was accidentally set adrift 20 years ago in our time without any idea of who she was or where she came from. She made a life here, got married to the first man she saw when she came out of the fog, and gave birth to twin girls. Little did she know the love of her heart and father of her daughters was on this side waiting for her the whole time.

Uriah Prescot never gave up on Eryn, he even crossed time to find her. Running an Inn in modern day Enchantment, he hoped for the day his heart would walk through the front door. And she did. After convincing her of a past she didn’t remember and finally finding the happiness they’d been seeking for 20 years, they are together at last and blissfully happy.

When Eryn’s life is suddenly put in danger, she and Uriah must go back to their past to save their future. Just when it seems that life will return to normal, new threats emerge to topple them off their mountain of happiness. After waiting a lifetime to be together, will their time be cut short? Or, will love conquer all?

This story relies very, very heavily on the previous book in the series, Visions of Enchantment. As I hadn’t been privy to the first novel, I spent much of this one somewhat lost and trying to determine what was going on. As a stand alone it didn’t work for me, but if you liked the first you would probably be happy to know what happens to Eryn and Uriah and their family here. They do have a unique and interesting storyline, but the tragedy element is a bit overwhelming to a newcomer. I would strongly recommend reading this series in order to get full value from this story.

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