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ISBN# 1-933874-81-3
October 2006
Triskelion Publishing
120 Pages
Mystique – Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Emily Rawson is a detective with the Sex Crimes unit. She has a recurring nightmare every night since she made detective and left her partner John Cutter behind. Waking up every time in a cold sweat after experiencing the same dream, she wonders why her partner has turned on her for making detective.

John Cutter is a new detective and former police partner with Emily. He has asked to be assigned to Homicide for a reason, and is now thwarted his first day on the job. Cutter has been reassigned and has a very big problem. He will now not only be working in the Sex Crimes unit, but also be partnered once again with Emily.

Emily has secretly been attracted to Cutter since she first met him, but has always gone by the book in not dating anyone in blue. Cutter, meanwhile, had asked to be put on Homicide so that Emily could be cleared to date. Just before starting his new job Cutter confronts Emily, and they get caught up in a sexual encounter resulting in a surprise pregnancy.

The premise is that our past history helps dictate our current actions and career choices. Emily was abused as a child, so she devotes her life to making sure she puts those that abuse others away and protects the innocent. Cutter also has a past that makes him want to coddle and protect Emily from herself, because of his nightmares. The same nightmares they both had are coming true before their eyes; unfortunately it was not a dream, but a foretelling. This story shows us that many times we act first to protect others and forget about our own safety. I enjoyed this fast paced and believable story because it keeps you gripped in suspense to the very end.

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