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Viking Series II
Book 1: The Last Viking
Book 2: Truly Madly Viking
Book 3: The Very Virile Viking
Book 4: Wet & Wild
Book 5: Hot & Heavy
Book 6: Rough and Ready
Book 7: Down and Dirty
Book 8: Viking Unchained
Book 9: Viking Heat
Book 10: Dark Viking

November 2007
The Berkley Publishing Group, Published by the Penguin Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
336 Pages
Romance/Time Travel
Rating: 3 Cups

Britta is a Viking warrior maiden who has done the impossible, time traveled to the present, in a Navy Seals-like training program for women. Unfortunately, that also means that she is back within reach of tempting Zach Floyd.

Zachary ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd’s reputation is well earned but it has also landed him in some serious hot water with a son straight from the war zone. Just as he gets his son back to the states, he finds himself face to face with a true blast from the past, Britta, the Viking maid he flirted with on the strangest recon mission he ever went on. Unlike most of his past relationships, he cannot believe how glad he is to see her.

When Britta travels forward through time, she is finally free of her controlling father and his machinations, but then is trapped in a modern world that is strange and alien to her. The only person she knows is Zach, who she found herself thinking of more than she should after he left. Now that they are face to face again, she finds that she is as attracted to him as before. Luckily his request for her to babysit his angelic looking but devilish son, Samir temporarily turns her lust into a burning desire to murder him instead. As things warm up between Zach and Britta someone else is turning on the heat. Zach’s son Samir is caught in a tug of war between the United States and Afghanistan and his grandfather will stop at nothing, not even killing Britta to get him back.

At times, funny and others hot, this book delivers a romp of a good time that many will enjoy. I liked that Britta was strong-willed and fiery, but had to depend on Zach for help. The other women in the program might have filled that void, but it may have not gone as the author wanted. The story got a little scatter shot at times, but overall I enjoyed the way Ms Hill wrote the Viking Warrior Maiden who joins her Navy Seal Warrior in the future. The ending confused me somewhat, however I have not read the rest of the series, so that may have something to do with it. This book did make me want to go and get the rest of the books, and I most definitely am looking forward to Fast and Furious.

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