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The Lords of Satyr Series

Book 1: Nicholas
Book 2: Raine
Book 3: Lyon
Book 4: Dominic
Book 5: Dane
Book 6: Bastian
Book 7: Sevin

Interview with Elizabeth Amber

ISBN#: (10)0-7582-2581-4/(13)978-0-7582-2581-8
March 1, 2009
Kensington Aphrodisia
256 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups


Dominic Janus is a creature of ElseWorld and a full-blooded Satyr. He is not too pleased that the Facilitator insists he produce a child with Emma. Dominic knows it is essential for her to give birth to the Chosen One.

Emma is unaware she is being watched. Patiently, she waits for her husband, Carlos’ return. She is wed to a fighter and most of the time he is absent from the home. Reading books is a good past time she enjoys.

Dominic has saved Carlos life in battle more than once. When Carlos is injured during a mission rendering him impotent, it tortures him to confess the matter to Emma. Trying to prove himself in ElseWorld left him with a great sacrifice. He believes that Emma should spend a night with Dominic so she can conceive. Dominic is hesitant but realizes his one night with Emma must happen. Falling deep for Emma was something he never expected. It gnaws at him terrible. He knows he will never be able to have another woman again after being with her. Emma proves to mean more to him than any female Shimmerskins. When tragedy strikes Carlos, leaving her a widow, how far will Dominic go to fight for the woman he loves? And what does it all have to do with a golden coin?

I thoroughly loved this story. As I heard Carlos relaying his injury to Emma, I could almost feel his pain, as the torture in his voice emits in full voice. Then when Emma is left along with her daughter, the trepidation grows even more as emotions soar. The story of Dominic shows his bravery as well as his duty to others, not to mention his infinite love for Emma. With strong gallantry, love, and an even greater devotion, this extraordinary tale has an ending that really hits the heart hard, leaving a gratifying impact.


Lord Vincent Satyr is the firstborn son of Lord Nicholas Satyr and his wife Jane. As a bachelor, he can send for any female from the mist to whet his appetite. After he summons a Shimmerskin from the mists, she does not leave.

Cara is in for a treat when Vincent summons her to his bedroom. After spending time with Vincent, it is hard for her to return to ElseWorld. The love she feels for him is genuine.

As a mediator, Vincent’s skills are crucial as he prepares to go to ElseWorld for make negotiations. Lives and worlds look to him for answers. First, he plans to spend a complete night doing nothing but making love. Word quickly grows that he is an excellent lover, well endowed. Nothing would please him more than to have a woman to actually want him. He wishes he could have someone like a human woman who experiences desire, hurt, one incapable of fear and love. When he wakes from his night of passion, it appears his magic has reversed and this time he may be stuck with Cara forever. No matter how he tries to send Cara back, it is impossible. How will he ever explain this to his family, especially his brothers?

This story is so well told, that when Vincent leaves for a brief moment then returns to Cara, I can almost see the glow on Cara’s face. This convincing story has a way of drawing the reader completely into the fold of all the players and their actions. I found it a moving tale that soothes the heart and makes one realize how important it is to hold on to someone that special.

Dominic, The Lords of Satyr, blends two incredible stories of two magnificent men with hearts of gold. Their strength outshines, but what I found more importantly was the way they have a side of vulnerability and empathy that gradually sparkles, making them almost human. Elizabeth Amber has generated some delicious men and the powerful women who stand by them through thick and thin. Her extraordinary stories leave a lasting impression with this reader. Once again she stops at nothing to give the audience a sweltering read and outstanding characters that leap from the pages and consume the reader.

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