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ISBN# 0446617520
June 2007
Hachette Book Group, USA (Warner Books)
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
352 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Alicia Green is finally past her ugly divorce. After catching her husband with their Latino pool boy a year after they were married, it was over. She is finally getting over the depression and low self-esteem, then he walks into her life.

Jake‘The Rake’ Sims, retired baseball player lost his ex-wife eight months ago in a car accident. At the time they were going through a bitter custody battle for their teenage daughter, Danielle. Once he meets Alicia he knows he wants to be a part of her life.

Tish is a former Miss Illinois and Miss America Pageant contestant, groomed to perfection. Zada is outspoken and feisty. Jen is the perfect wife and devoted mother to her young daughter.

Alicia is trying to get her life back into perspective. During the time of her divorce, she had even been a piranha to her friends, Tish, Zada, and Jen. Now six months later, they are good friends again. When Alicia sells her home in their cul-de-sac to Jake, her friends begin to think she and Jake will make the perfect pair. Jake is famous for his underwear commercials. He finds Alicia very much to his liking after he buys her house, but to gain permanent custody of his daughter Danielle from his former mother-in-law he has to walk a fine line. The feelings Jake shares for Alicia increase but she pushes him away. She has not forgotten her painful divorce. Zada, Jen and Tish like Jake but Alicia believes they are too glued to the television when his underwear commercials appear. Alicia informs she wants nothing to do with any man but something in her heart tells her differently. Jake wonders how the women can possibly all be good friends when they have different personalities. He believes they are genuine in trying to help him and Alicia in becoming an item. As Jake’s custody battle continues for Danielle, and his conquest for Alicia pursues, everyone keeps their fingers crossed things will turn out well.

Dinner First, Me Later, follows the first installment, Your Bed or Mine, in the Housewives Fantasy Club series. The story surrounds the four friends, Alicia, Jen, Zada and Tish after Alicia is getting over a terrible divorce. When Jake and Alicia meet, the friends do everything to play matchmaker. While the story does have some witty episodes, there are some momentous tones with the child custody case as well as the on again, off again romance with Jake and Alicia. Candy Halliday pens a tale that moves at a great pace, with interesting dialogue, a former mother-in-law who wants her say when it comes to her granddaughter and a simmering romance that interweaves between the pages. I loved the interaction between father and daughter. This engaging read will keep the pages turning.

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