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ISBN: 0451412702
April 2009
Penguin Group
456 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Cassandra Palmer is the new and all-powerful Pythia, but instead feels powerless. Due to her parentage, many supernatural beings will kill to keep her from her rightful place. Cassandra must run to stay one step ahead of those who wish her dead.

The only one she can trust is Mircea, a vampire, but his allegiance comes with a price. It is through him that she would be accepted by the Vampire Senate. The price exacted by the senate would be a merger of the personal kind with Mircea.

Just when Cassie thinks things could not get worse, the god Apollo, source of her power, decides he no longer wants her on the throne. In order to gain the status of Pythia, she must vanquish the one who gave her the power and stop the war between vampires and supernatural beings. The road block to success is that no one bothered to show her how to harness and use the powers bestowed on her to her advantage.

Karen Chance has depicted a world of the paranormal that is bewitching. The heroine is a forceful, compassionate woman, perfectly formed with all her flaws. I loved the author's ability to inspire reader support while wondering how Cassie could possibly come out victorious. The powerful descriptions used by Ms Chance are awe-inspiring and served to pull me right to the moment and set me in the middle of the action. Karen Chance has the power of the pen and enables the reader to form perfectly the visions that she creates.

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