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ISBN: 978-1-935013-36-5
November 2008
Wild Child Publishing
78 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Solitude and serenity are blessed but nonexistent commodities for Amber. Her job, her life, and even her genetics make those things impossible for her. She is aboard a prison ship, working as the ship’s counselor, but at one time was a prisoner herself.
Jaden had a promising life and a beautiful fiancée, before he lost everything in one night of terror that has haunted him every day since. He was twenty years old when his Cleaven gene made itself known, and he was irrevocably changed.

Uncontrollable rage and fear wreak havoc with the lives of those who are born with the Cleaven gene. The lucky ones end up aboard a specially designed prison ship where they are treated and counseled until they can be integrated back into society. Amber is one of the lucky ones, but the thought of living on dry land again scares her to death. She prefers her life at sea, no contact with the outside world, and no commitments. Jaden is floored the first time he meets Amber. He can see and feel the pain in her soul, and has an all-encompassing desire to help her heal her heart. His feelings scare him beyond belief; he has not wanted a woman like this since his fiancée. However they are in a maelstrom of stormy seas and a prisoner uprising, a deadly combination hell-bent on total destruction.

No matter what the subject, Suzanne Perazzini masters every detail. Her ability to draw the reader into each and every scene is exemplary. The crashing waves, howling wind, and cold dark fear are such a tangible force, you will actually shiver in dread. Her characters are just as remarkable. You can feel their fear, and their struggle to control the demons inside. Recommending this book as well as Ms. Perazzini’s other work is a real pleasure, and I am thrilled to do so.

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