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ISBN# Trade Paperback-9781602020696/MS Reader (Lit)- 9781602020689 / 9781595786999
July 18, 2007/Re-Released March 2010
Linden Bay Romance, LLC/Liquid Silver Books
E-book/Trade Paperback/eBook
76 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Sarah Collins is a rich young woman with a fiancé chosen by her daddy. She thinks the man her father has chosen will make her happy, that is until she meets Raif.

Raif is a well-known photographer who has a playboy past but now wants to settle down with his two nephews and tiny niece. He has purchased a house, and is planning on fixing it up. However, his plans get shot to hell when Sarah shows up.

When Sarah loses her sister to a tragedy, she cannot face her loss and puts off going to see her nephews and niece. She finally decides to arrive unannounced because she has to be sure the kids are well taken care of before she signs over custody to their uncle. Instead she is met with a filthy house, nephews who are angry with her, and a disgruntled brother-in-law who cannot wait to see the back of her. However, it is not long before the sparks are flying between Sarah and Raif, but Sarah is scared and unwilling at first to become involved. However, when her world crumbles beneath her, will she accept what Raif has to offer, or run away?

Cowboys Make Better Lovers is contemporary romance at its very best! Ms. Wallace has a way with words, and emotions that allows the reader to put themselves into the character’s shoes. The sexual and emotional tension just ratchets up higher and higher, as you wait to see what is going to happen next. The kids are typical, and their repeating Raif’s words of Sarah being “the wicked witch” had me cracking up. Everything about this story is realistic and emotion laden, making it very memorable. I for one cannot wait to read Ms. Wallace’s next book, and I highly recommend this one!

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