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ISBN#: 9781605044583
March 3, 2009
Samhain Publishing
362 Pages
Western Romance, Red Hots!
Rating: 5 Cups

India Ellison owns a tattoo shop where she brings her city girl looks to the small town of Sundance, Wyoming. Even with the odd and sometimes judgmental looks she receives, India’s Ink still does a fair job of keeping her afloat.

Colt McKay knows what it means to be judged by who you are or even by something that you have done in the past. Being best friends with India is great, and as his sponsor for A.A., she could not give him better support.

As her usual goofy and clumsy self, somehow India shoots Colt in the butt with a nail. Trying to ease her conscience, she offers to doctor him up. Suddenly her best friend’s feelings for Colt are not enough, suddenly she wants more. Scared that her feelings will ruin their friendship, India starts to push him away, only to have Colt suddenly turn his cowboy charm onto her.

When I first started reading Branded As Trouble, I expected to sample another cute tale of best friends turning to lovers, but I received so much more instead. Ms. James has written a beautiful and emotional story about two best friends who not only struggle with their feelings, but the past that no one in the small town including their families can forget. As readers, we get to see the daily struggle for two recovering alcoholics in a very realistic journey, something that brings our emotions to the forefront of this amazing depiction. Both India and Colt are described as edgy people who have lived the good life, were ridden and put away wet, yet we get to see them as characters that have never had a relationship. A spectacular novel, this breathless portrayal of love, life, and judgment in a small town will have you aching for a happy ending for these two characters that I can guarantee you will fall in love with, just as I have.

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