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ISBN#: 978-1-934678-91-6
June 15, 2008
Tease Publishing LLC
178 Pages
Time Travel Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Arianna Ward is enjoying a carnival at Blue Run Plantation in South Carolina. A fortune teller gives her a cryptic fortune and advises her to “trust the Scotsman”. The next thing she knows, she awakens in the year 1814 and everyone is calling her “Annabelle”.

Keldon Buchanon finds his wife changed after she hits her head. Not only does has she forgotten her life, but she is now a kind and decent woman. Keldon does not trust his wife and is determined to find out what evil plan she is devising.

When Arianna discovers that her husband is the notorious Highland Pirate, she wants to save him from his wicked ways, but then she discovers his true purpose. She becomes very worried about Keldon’s safety and joins with him in assisting the United States in the Battle of New Orleans. As much as Keldon tries to pull away from Arianna, he realizes that she is not the horrible woman he married and finds himself falling in love.

A Twist of Fate is a fascinating time travel. The romance between Keldon and Arianna is delightful. I love the setting of the southern plantation and genteel lifestyle. Although I would have liked to have known more about why Arianna and Annabelle switched places, the storyline was exciting and entertaining. I particularly think it is a stroke of genius placing a Scottish pirate in the American south. Ms. Nutt has written a gem of a tale.

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