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ISBN# 978-0615237862
July 2008
Otherworldly Romances
E book/Trade Paperback
$3.75 /$10.95
104 Pages
Time Travel Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tricia Lancaster is a newspaper reporter for a small-time paper. She jumped at the chance to get the story on the anniversary of 70’s movie star Dean McCloud’s tragic death. She seems to have a strange connection to him yet cannot place it.

Dean McCloud is on top of his world when his life is cut short. The coroner said it was suicide, but why would he do that when his career was just starting to reach new heights?

When Tricia shows up in Dean’s world telling of his death, he thinks she might be tripping on something or just crazy. Yet her words are coming true, and he must realize that someone is out to kill him. But will trying to stop them alter the future?

This was a really fun read. I kept thinking of all the western shows from the 1970’s and tried to picture just who would fit in this story. I like the way Ms. Nutt kept it fresh and entertaining, yet a bit mysterious as well. Extremely likable characters make this a well worth read. Enjoy it, I know I did!

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